Tequilaville Restaurant


Meet friends here for lunches artfully presented. Visitors should explore local towns to see life in Mexico. Akumal Pueblo is an expanding little town just a walk away from the beach. Tequillaville restuarant, run by Canadians, is so clean, the food so delicious. We met there for a "power lunch" about the nearby library, and were accommodated graciously.

We visited Akumal for our honeymoon. We met the owners and they are wonderful, kind people. We went over to their resturant several times while visiting. We were very leary at first because we had heard we needed to stay within Akumal and not stray. Their resturant is just outside the gate and over the bridge. It was so clean.. actually spotless, the food was awesome and the staff was so nice. We did not have any fear whatsoever.... It was very safe and the cost of the food was a lot cheaper than inside Akumal. I was so excited to get my 1st BLT in Mexico and it was SO good. If you ever get the chance to visit you will not be disappointed.

Whenever we're in Akumal we're always looking for good places to eat & shop. This time we heard there was a new restaurant across the bridge in the Pueblo right on the main street near the Internet Cafe we use, so of course we had to check it out. First trip over the guys tried the hamburgers & we girls had tacos. Everything was really tasty, the prices & service were excellent & the owners were friendly & fun. Second trip over we went for the Texas BBQ on sunday, this is a definite don't miss. My favorite was the spicy sausage, but the brisket and pork were both delicious too. We had a great time with lot of friendly folks.
I know some folks don't venture across the bridge where a lot of the locals live & the area is less commercial than Akumal proper, but head on over & check it out. The folks in the Pueblo neighborhood have always been so friendly & you don't want to miss out on trying this restaurant & meeting Ken & Mary the owners.

Why did the tourists cross the road? Because that's where Tequilaville is!! Of course. This restaurant is a true treasure for the Mayan Riviera. - Great food, owners Mary and Ken are warm friendly people who are always there to greet you and make you feel at home. Unlike so many restaurants in the area Tequilaville is all substance and no pretense. We were staying at Las Villas Akumal for a week and we went back five times. Hard as we tried we did not find another restaurant in the area that compared. I have always liked my atmosphere on the plate. Not only was it on the plate, but in the smiles of Ken and Mary. It became our home away from home and the prices make it an exceptional value. Not only that by their phone set up allows you to make free calls home from their restaurant and they are more than happy to let you use them. I loved the shrimp in garlic and butter sauce and they had the best guacamole we tried.